[Swodxa] QRP rig new

Richard L. Pestinger rpestinger at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 20:14:02 CST 2017

Just received my new QRP rig the RS-918, a Chinese clone of the mcHF-QRP 
designed by M0NKA.

My KX3 and RS-918 together. The 918 is a SDR radio with Yaesu FT-817 
command set. Touch screen with .5, 1,2,5 and 15Watts, 160 - 10M. It does 
not have an auto tuner but if you press tune it will show the SWR. Like 
the KX3 it will take awhile to learn all the features. A YouTube video

gives a real good run down on the radio.

I bought it from China with DHL delivery for $385, received it in 7 
days, that is about $1K less than my KX3 in kit form. The KX3 goes 160 - 
6M and I also have the 2M option and roofing filter. I will have to play 
with it some more before I really know its full capability but for the 
price, WOW. I may decide down the road to sell my KX3 but not yet.


Richard, KC8RP

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